Sunday, August 23, 2015

The author and creator of "At The Matinee" returns to Hood College

Groucho Marx in "Horse Feathers" (1932).  Originally produced and released by Paramount Pictures, the film would be one of many pre-1948 sound Paramount features that would be sold to MCA in the late 1950's (the talent agency-turned-television production/syndication powerhouse would use the money made from the sale of the pre-48 Paramounts to local TV stations, which enabled MCA to acquire American Decca Records, owners of Universal Studios in 1962).
No, this is not me.   This is Groucho Marx, as Professor Quincy Adams Wagstaff
in the hilarious 1932 Marx Brothers comedy, Horse Feathers.  The classic comedy will be
featured in an upcoming post on At The Matinee in the near future.
From Chris Hamby's Hood College Broadcasting Network Intro
(designed for Visual Media III during the Spring 2015 semester).
This upcoming Monday, August 24th, your mild-mannered author and creator of At The Matinee will return to Hood College (as a senior commuter student to complete more courses in order to obtain my Bachelor's degree in the field of Communications and Digital Media).

At opening commencement, many Senior students (including myself) will be honored at the ceremony.  Plus, I will be one of several Senior commuter students who will serve on the college's "Commuter Council."  I'm looking forward to this new endeavor in life, and hoping that this will help bring better social events to the Hood campus (which in my view, the college is definitely lacking in the category of "social life").  Plus, I'm looking forward to expand my social circle this semester.

Let's just hope that in this semester (not only for myself, but for fellow students that are interested in classic cinema)- that Hood will finally showcase classic cinema features, to compliment the college's "blockbuster movie showcase."  I'm sure many fellow student film aficionados would enjoy that idea.

I'm hopeful that I'll see many familiar faces at Hood during the Fall 2016 semester, and hoping to make new friends as well during the course of the semester.

To all fellow Hood students, welcome back!

To all new Hood students, or fellow students that have never visited my classic/contemporary motion picture (and multimedia) blog, welcome to Chris Hamby Presents: At The Matinee!

Best to all this semester,
Chris Hamby

SIDEBAR: Fellow (and former) students- feel free to drop a line on the "comments" section of this blog, or through my Hood e-mail address for any questions concerning classic/contemporary/cult motion pictures, television programs, music and technology.  I welcome all comments, ideas and suggestions.  Thanks for reading!

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