Sunday, August 21, 2016

The author/writer of “At The Matinee” returns to college (Final Semester)

After a brief hiatus, "At The Matinee" is back!

No, this is not me.  This is Groucho Marx, as
Professsor Quincy Wagstaff in the 1932 Marx Brothers
comedy, "Horse Feathers."
This upcoming Mon., Aug. 24, your mild-mannered blog creator/writer of “At The Matinee" and "Silver Screen Reflections" will return to Hood College for the final semester.

A suggestion for Hood’s “Blockbuster Movie Showcase” series (future film showcases)

It would be a great idea to blend in a mix of vintage cult and definitive classic features, to complement the college’s “Blockbuster Movie Series.”  The management of this blog would guarantee that one screening of a vintage film on campus would be entertaining to all fellow students of Hood that enjoy cinema entertainment.

In conclusion, the addition of cult/classic cinema flicks to Hood’s “Blockbuster Movie Showcase” would be a great stress reliever from all of the chaos of schoolwork.  It would be a fun and exciting experience!

A message to all fellow friends of the Matinee (who are returning to Hood or any other college)

To my fellow friends of the Matinee (who are returning to Hood or any other college)- Let’s make this semester an exciting one!  Be on the lookout for future cult/classic cinema posts during the semester!

Yours truly,

Chris Hamby