Wednesday, January 29, 2014

UPDATE: Paramount to consider exceptions for Celluloid Prints

Part of a 1916 Advertisement for Paramount's venture into motion picture serials, as seen in 
Motion Picture News (with the 1916-1968 trademark).  Some 83 years later- the studio would acquire 
rights to the Republic Pictures library (through corporate parent Viacom's acquisition of Spelling Entertainment). Republic was known for their motion picture "serials" from 
1935 until the studio's demise in the mid-1950's.

Shortly after Paramount's recent decision to migrate future releases from physical film prints to digital-only releases, there may be hope. The Los Angeles Times has reported that the Viacom-owned studio will make certain exceptions for upcoming films (one being the Christopher Nolan feature, Interstellar- which will be released in November) to be released in digital and physical film formats.

This may be good news for cinema aficionados, but one question remains: what about repertory prints for revival screenings?

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