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ATM's Author Returns to College (and More)

From Facts About Projection (1975 edition). 
Since August 25th, the author of At The Matinee has returned to college to expand his educational prospects (and hoping that it will lead to a well-rewarding career in the area).

I am attending Hood College in Frederick, Maryland (thanks to a scholarship), concentrating on the Communication Arts major (in the field of Digital Media).  I'm confident that this will help me in my search for a rewarding career, and that I will be able to make many new friends over there.

Perhaps I could help establish some sort of "classic cinema club" over there, so that fellow students and I will be able to enjoy classic films the way they were meant to be seen- on the big screen.

To all fellow Hood students- welcome back (or "welcome" to first-time students), and read At The Matinee when you have the chance to.  Enjoy At The Matinee, and feel free to write in the "comments" section to let the author know what you think about this blog!

Harold Ramis (1944-2014), Ernie Hudson, Bill Murray,
and Dan Aykroyd in Ghostbusters (1984)
GHOSTBUSTERS RETURNS TO THE SCREEN: In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of Ivan Reitman's cult comedy classic (and one of my many favorite features), Columbia Pictures has re-released Ghostbusters (1984) to theaters across the nation, which began on August 29th.  Surprisingly, those in the Frederick area who haven't seen the film on the big screen before will now get the chance to (in an area where revival screenings are often ignored).

Yet unfortunately (in the view of ATM's proprietor), it is being shown at the overpriced 16-plex eyesore known as Regal Cinemas (for a limited engagement).  I was hoping that the digital revival screening of Ghostbusters would show up at MDL Holiday Cinemas, but according to their website (under the "coming soon" section)- the film isn't listed for future screenings.

Even though I would like to see it on the big screen (but not at Regal), I think I'll wait for Sony's Blu-Ray release of the film (not the one bundled with the ill-fated 1989 sequel) to come down in price.

AND SPEAKING OF MDL HOLIDAY CINEMAS... A locally-produced documentary film premiered at MDL Holiday Cinemas on August 28th, titled The Great American Wheat Harvest.  Produced by Conrad Weaver of Frederick-based Conjostudios, the documentary showcases several generations of hard-working harvesters across the nation, along with occurrences of triumph and tragedy in the profession.  The film has had positive reviews, along with financial backing from John Deere & Company.

The film will also be shown in Limon, Ohio; Guymon, Oklahoma; Garden City and Winfield, Kansas (September 5th); Grand Island, Nebraska (September 10th); Tulsa, Oklahoma (September 26th); and Mott, North Dakota (October 6th).  Portions of proceeds from ticket sales (from future screenings) will go towards helping the non-profit organization, Feed My Starving Children.

ATM REMEMBERS: At The Matinee remembers acclaimed actor and director Lord Richard Attenborough, who passed away at the age of 90 on August 24th.  Attenborough is best known for his 1982 cinematic masterpiece, Ghandi (featuring Ben Kingsley as Mohandas Ghandi).  The film won eight Academy Awards (including Best Director and Best Picture).  Attenborough was also known for his role in The Great Escape (1963, as Squadron Leader Roger Roger Bartlett- or "Big X"), and is familiar to modern film audiences for his role in Steven Spielberg's adaptation of Jurassic Park (1993, as John Hammond).  Attenborough was knighted in 1976.

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