Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween from "At The Matinee"

At The Matinee wishes everyone a Happy (and safe) Halloween!
Screen shot of my portable 7" Haier TV, set to Svengoolie (portrayed
by Rich Koz).  This was taken back on vacation in 2013, since
our Hotel cable TV service did not carry the local Me-TV subchannel.

If you haven't heard, today is also Rich 'Svengoolie' Koz Day in the State of Illinois (through a recent house resolution from the Illinois General Assembly, to commemorate iconic Chicago horror host Rich "Svengoolie" Koz and his 35 years of showcasing classic horror features on television).  At The Matinee salutes Svengoolie (Rich Koz) on this momentous occasion!

SPEAKING OF SVENGOOLIE... HE'S BACK ON ME-TV (WJLA 7.2) IN THE WASHINGTON AREA! If you've read the previous post on WJLA preempting Me-TV's Saturday lineup for their new owners' sports service, it has generated a significant amount of attention.  Now, WJLA has listened, and has decided to stop preempting Me-TV's Saturday schedule (including Svengoolie)!  Channel 7 has finally listened, and they have moved the Saturday College Football games (through Sinclair's American College Sports Network) to the soon-to-be-defunct Live Well Network (Comcast 204/Over-The-Air 7.2).

Special thanks to Friend of the Matinee Patricia Lupoli for contacting the executives of Me-TV about WJLA's shenanigans to their simulcast of Weigel Broadcasting's nationally-known classic television subchannel.  Thankfully, classic TV (and film) enthusiasts in the Washington area will be able to enjoy Svengoolie uninterrupted on Me-TV for years to come!

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