Friday, September 25, 2015

An "Update" from Chris Hamby

Well, everyone- I'm creating a new blog.  No, this does not mean the "end" of At The Matinee.  

This new blog will be part of the Online Journalism class that I am currently taking at Hood College.

My upcoming blog site will have some of the same features as the blog that you are currently reading right now, mostly focusing on classic, contemporary and cult motion picture and television programs, along with new interactive features as well.

My goal in this class is to become a better blog writer.  I hope you will join me and fellow like-minded film enthusiasts in this new endeavor, which will be coming shortly.

Oh, and one more thing.  Remember when I stated earlier that classic, contemporary and cult cinema features were being virtually ignored in the Frederick area?

Finally, one Frederick theater will be bringing back "classic" and "cult" feature films soon.  More information will follow in this and my "new" blog, which will be coming shortly.

Coming Soon to a competing blog platform near you!

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